Shortly after Wilson’s contract ended with the military, he developed skills in machining and building engines. He began visiting machine shops of reputable engine builders in the performance industry to obtain as much information as possible. Wilson landed with a job related to Automotive Machine Shop. He quickly learned that they were limited with equipment and time, so he decided to buy his own flow bench for port and polish equipment. Having this equipment, it gave them a chance to make a name for himself and from that point it was possible to have his own machine shop to build their own race engines. He bought more equipment and offered a complete state of the art engine machining, development, assembly facility, and more.

We Build engines for customers in McDonough, Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Hampton Ga, Atlanta and surrounding cities.

We believe in one simple principle “NOTHING LEAVES THE SHOP UNTIL IT IS PERFECT”. During this time, we have accumulated a wide range of knowledge regarding engines and how to get the most performance out of them.