CNC Block Boring For Atlanta, McDonough, Stockbridge & Surrounding Cites

PowerTrip Engine utilizes State of the art machining capabilities operated by expert machinists. Rottler F65A machines are specifically designed for High-Performance Engine Blue Print machining operations.

Original engine block manufacturers utilize the Pan Rail as the machining datum.

This is why deck heights are not at a true 90 or equal end to end. Cylinder bore locations and even lifter bore distances and locations are not on engine block blueprint specification. Performance Blocks Inc has invested in Rottler F65A CNC equipment with 4 th axis and probing processes to correct bore center spacing, deck heights and lifter bore locations.

Our fixtures are based on the main line and camshaft center line. The process will increase horsepower while improving overall engine performance.


Your Hot Rod, Vintage Restoration, Marine Engine, or Race Engine will perform at peak performance levels. PowerTrip Engine utilizes the best components and machining processes. Performance Blocks Inc. will satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

  • Setting up from the dowel location to probe the cylinder bore spacing against the blue specifications.
  • Precision cam and main line locator bars with precision cam and main line bushings set up.
  • Precision cam and main line locator bushings.
  • Precision cam and main line locator bars with precision cam and main line bushings set up.
  • Installed in engine block.
  • Engine block blueprinting datum plate based on main and cam center line and true 45 degree angles.
  • Datum plate finds true center of cylinder bore.

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