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Machining Capabilities Second to None

Rottler F65A CNC Block Blueprinting Machining Center for blueprinting the block from the main line and camshaft centerline, deck squaring, lifter bore truing, bore spacing corrections, line boring, block end truing, stroker motor clearances, main and cam line corrections. Darton Sleeve Installations for LS1 , Honda and Nissan blocks are some of the services offered. The Rottler HP6A computerized Cylinder Hone will finish bores with exact cross hatch angles while achieving RA surface finishes required by ring manufacturers holding cylindrically to .0001 – .0002.

Performance Blocks Inc. has Invested in Rottler CNC Engine Block Blueprinting and Machining Equipment for Precision Block Probing and Blueprinting. Cylinder Bore finish . crosshatch, size control and surface finish are critical. The Rottler HP6A Computerized Diamond Hone will produce exact cross hatch patterns while meeting specific RA Finish requirements. Holding .0001 roundness and straightness is a bonus and achievable with the HP6A.

Our Rottler equipped Cylinder Head Department includes the extremely accurate SG-7 Seat and Guide machine along with the VR7 valve refacer achieving tolerance of .0002 concentricity on the Valve Face and Valve Seat diameter.

  • Rottler F65 CNC Machining Center
  • Rottler HP6A Computor Controlled Cylinder Hone
  • Rottler SG7 Seat Forming Cylinder Head Machine
  • Rottler VR7 Valve Refacer
  • AMS Parts Washer
  • AMS Glass Bead Cabinet